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My kleinHOTEL is a hotel in the garden, a hotel concept, close to nature, where you are, where we are, where our partners are. Everywhere a place of retreat and a source of inspiration. Home and departure at the same time. On site, right next door, familiar and innovative. Mein kleinHOTEL is an extraordinary solution to make people happy and to realize your own dreams.

We are your companions on your way to independence with mein kleinHOTEL. We cordially invite you to discover my kleinHOTEL for yourself. Visit us in Biedenkopf, where the grandmother of mein kleinHOTELs is. It gives you trend-setting impulses, convinces with its individual architecture and you will feel how professionally my kleinHOTEL can be realized at your location.

Where are you going to open?

You are invited Feel free to come to one of our locations for a personal meeting
Joy that gets around! Our guests and our location partners are enthusiastic about my kleinHOTEL.
The attention to detail Your passion is important to us. We make your location shine.

Give me that beautiful life

We share our concept

Detailed information is available on our franchise page or in personal contact. Are you curious? Do You Have Questions? Ms. Friderike Hegener is our competent contact person and will be happy to answer your first questions about my kleinHOTEL. You can reach Ms. Hegener on Tel. 0177 771 72 75 or by email to fh@klein-hotel.de

'hier werd ich Hotelier

Do not hesitate to contact me!

Bye for now, Friderike Hegener Tel. 0177 771 72 75 eMail fh@klein-hotel.de

Promotion for my kleinHOTEL

Regional and national funding pots can support your mein kleinHOTEL project. Regardless of whether you want to start as a private, commercial or agricultural location, we will examine the alternatives of funding for you. Depending on the region, individual funding of 25,000, 45,000 or even 50,000 euros for your location may be possible. We are happy to support you with the application.