my kleinHOTEL shop is live

My kleinHOTEL accessories can finally be taken with you. We have put together some “nice things” in the hotel shop. But you are also welcome to come by and choose on site. In Corona times we have an outdoor shop that we open for you by appointment. So it can bring joy straight to your home. And for the digital stories we have the original mein kleinHOTEL stickers for download.

"We don't fit into any drawer"

This is how it started in 2010 – today we are certified as a 3-star superior hotel garni, host of Hikable Germany, certified bed & bike operation and proactive in service quality Germany. The most important thing for us in everything we do is the feedback from our guests. The more pleasantly surprised “Ahhhh’s and Ohhhh’s”, the happier and more satisfied we are. When our guests feel the heartwarming hospitality, completely forget the time over a hearty breakfast, because they are enjoying the moment, having a great time and talking about a successful time in my kleinHOTEL, then this also puts a smile on our faces and motivates us to do that to do our best again next time.

Mein kleinHOTEL will officially receive the three-star SUPERIOR award from DEHOGA in August 2020 and host Wanderbaren Deutschland.

3. my kleinHOTEL location celebrates its opening

On April 3rd, 2019 the opening of the kleinHOTEL in Steinau – Rabenstein was celebrated.

The breakfast room was almost bursting at the seams when the Müller family welcomed the guests, so many interested people had come. The guests included the District Administrator Thorsten Stolz, the first district member Susanne Simmler and Mayor Malte Jörg Uffeln.

This location is run by the Müller family, who host their guests on the outskirts of their farm. The bright, friendly and modern modules are designed so that you can enjoy a clear view of the greenery.