Our breakfast

For the perfect start to the day, you can choose between 4 different breakfast menus with individual extras. The freshly made coffee and the fresh egg round off the first pleasure experience of the day with a personal touch. Look forward to a delicious breakfast and your friendly host on site.

Breakfast of your choice per person 9,90 €
children 3 – 10 years 6,00 €
Lunch package 6,50 €
XS breakfast, without egg, until 7.30 a.m. 6,50 €
Breakfast for external guests 12,- €


Select your breakfast when booking your room or book a breakfast as an external guest by contacting us.

Hmmmm that tastes good....

Preferably ...


Sweet and Sticky * Vital * Vegan * Vegetarian * Hearty * As well ... as * Gluten free * with breakfast egg, scrambled eggs, fried egg, porched egg or with no egg :-) * Always regionally and freshly prepared as possible

Coffee, chocolate or tea?

You have the choice. We obtain our variety of teas from the Ronnefeldt tea house.

breakfast in bed

Feel free to prepare your first coffee in bed yourself. Or order your breakfast with room service in the evening.


After breakfast, you can relax in a deck chair on the terrace.

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